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An initiative of

The Propel Center

Partnering with Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Talent meets opportunity when it is prepared.

Based on a proven model, Accelerate empowers students from being college-capable to college- ready – and poised for the innovation economy. Accelerate provides these students with the support they need to successfully complete transferable college courses in a one-year program. The Accelerate program is offered at no cost to students and expands the number of HBCU-bound students who are prepared to succeed

Real College Classes

Classes are taught by college professors and the credits you earn are transferable to colleges and universities throughout the US.

Your Own Support Team

Success coaches and tutors will be there to support you in academics, college applications, internships and more, all the way through your college degree.

Save Money

With free tuition, books, and a laptop computer, you’ll be able to transfer to college with no debt after completing Accelerate.

What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is a one-year program for low-income high school graduates who are college-capable, but not yet college-ready.  We aim to serve students who will graduate with GPAs in the range of 1.5-2.5 who are interested in pursuing college but need additional support and wrap-around to access and persist in college.  We provide a one-year college bootcamp that allows students to earn transferable college credits and hundreds of hours of intensive tutoring and counseling to ensure they complete our program college and career ready. 

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The Opportunity to Serve

Too many students are graduating from high school with few if any options for true economic opportunity.  Enrolling in and completing a 4-year college program remains the primary path for most high school graduates to access economic opportunity and a wide range of careers.

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Program Results

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Meet The Team

Gene Wade
Hae-Sin Thomas
Senior Vice President, Accelerate
Juanita Reynolds
Senior Vice President, Partnerships
Lige Shao
Senior Vice President, Growth

Nathan Breitling
Senior Vice President, Accelerate

Julie Sills Molock
Chief Development Officer
Ameer Kim El-Mallawany
Director of Programming

Prusela Phillips
Director of Operations

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Kendall Easley
Policy and Research Associate

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) contribute more than $18 billion to the gross domestic product each year. And while representing only three percent of all colleges and universities in the country, we still graduate nearly 25% of all black professionals. The point is this: HBCUs' investments yield significantly higher returns than any other sector of higher education. Propel is a classic example. By bringing exceptional students across the country to learn real-world skills in and outside the classroom, Propel will redefine the future of work for a smaller, more inclusive global community.

Delaware State University is delighted to be part of this initiative.

Dr. Tony Allen

Dr. Tony Allen, Delaware State University

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